We believe that the worker is the most precious asset in any company as the development of a competent workforce helps to overcome today’s challenges and growing business demand and maintain safe and high-quality product and services.




Competence-Based Training  

Competency is the ‘description’ of the knowledge, skills, experience and behavioral attributes necessary to carry out a defined function to the standard of performance expected in the workplace.

Because each level of responsibility has its own requirements, competence can occur in any period of a person’s life or at any stage of his or her career.

Tyba along with internationally recognized training partners offers a wide range of training programs include Web-based, Practical and Classroom Training to suit your needs.

Competency Assurance Management SystemCAMS

Competency Assurance Management Systems (CAMS) is one of the most reliable competency-based models currently used for developing front-line field employees, engineers in the Oil and Gas and Petrochemical Industries. A CAMS Graduate progresses in the program by demonstrating the ability to perform the routine activities of their post after gaining the required knowledge and skills specified in the Development Framework for a particular job discipline. In this industry, ‘Competency Management’ is much more than an individual’s personal development. It is a major component to ensuring reduced environmental risks and for assuring the safety of others.

CAMS is an assessment process for individuals and organizations, which measures workplace performance against a set of standards. The output from the assessment process provides critical information that allows an organization to manage risk more effectively by identifying the gaps between measured performance and the required standard for a job.

Properly designed Competence Assurance System will:

  1. Provide proof that the workforce is competent by way of an auditable record of the management of competence at both the organizational level and the individual level.
  2. Provide a structure and process that aligns mission and safety critical competencies to business goals and objectives
  3. Provide an inventory of performance standards in the form of competency units
  4. Measure and Review performance, identify gaps, determine training needs to close gaps, provide an evidence guide for assessment, and manage substandard performance
  5. individuals have a clear understanding of their job functions
  6. A Proactively provides a clearly defined career development path.

CAMS support professionals by ensuring that they are “current”. The individual is then directed to the resources which can bring them up to date or the training that can refresh lost skills or knowledge or provide required new skills and knowledge.

Competence is not forever. Changes in policy, procedures, regulations, technology and equipment, business goals and objectives, all mean that workplace performance standards need to be modified and updated and measured.  It is an on-going business processes and should be looked upon with the same thoroughness as other business processes.

A well-designed Competence Assurance System, properly implemented, will reduce risk and improve the predictability of good performance.


When you need to gain an accredited certificate, there is no easier way to learn. Our highly respected online training courses cover many areas of compliance and development.

Whether you’re looking for a course on food hygiene, workplace health and safety, other 350 courses available rest assured Tyba will have a course suitable for you.

Learning Anytime

With user friendly technology, you can study at your own pace. Many face to face courses only operate within normal working hours. Undertaking the course at a time to suit you will minimise the impact of interruptions and disturbances

It’s Cost Effective and Saves Time

By reducing the time taken away from work, removing travel expenditures and printed material costs, online learning helps you to save time and money and is a great way of learning new skills and maintaining your own Continuing Professional Development (CPD) which is so important in today’s ever changing workplaces. Maintaining your skills is absolutely essential in today’s job market.

Fun and Engaging & Interactive

By using a variation of activities and quizzes in the system, Tyba feel that the training is both fun and interactive. This ensures that the learning experience is engaging and stimulating for the learner and motivates you to complete the course